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Personal Training Cincinnati, Blue AshPersonal Training Blue Ash

Personal Training from QFit Training in Blue Ash offers customized individual programs to help you achieve your fitness goals be it Fat Loss, Strength/Size or just increasing your current energy level and general conditioning.Personal Training Cincinnati, Blue AshPersonal Training Cincinnati, Blue Ash

Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-private personal training is the best of both worlds, you still receive a customized program designed specifically just for you but at a huge savings.  Sessions are for 2-3 people and are offered multiple days and times to fit even the busiest of schedules.

Team Training Suspension

Have you ever watched a Cirque Du Soleil show and marveled at the wonder of toned bodies twisting, gliding, and spinning while suspended in mid-air like living art?  This is not that kind of suspension.  However, it will lead to a toned body and is one of the many areas in which Brian is a certified instructor.  Rope training has been around since the 1800s, but the TRX field of suspension training was first developed by a navy seal in the 1990’s and has become an extremely popular method of strength and conditioning .  A unique form of resistance training, it focuses on using your body-weight to develop core strength while improving joint and muscular stability through a workout that also maintains a fast enough pace to improve your cardio.   Be a “part of the resistance” and join one of several Team Training Suspension Sessions that QFit Training offers throughout the week.

Team Training Boot Camp

Contrary to the title, neither boots or tents are required for this fast-paced, total body work out. At our boot camp you won’t be screamed at by a drill sergeant in the army, but you will be pushed to the limit by moving from one different exercise to the next without rest.  This intensity and variety ensures that you won’t get bored and will burn calories like never before.  Lose weight and have fun in a small group setting (2-8 clients) that uses kettlebells, bands, battle ropes,  free weight and body weight exercises which aren’t complicated yet keep you challenged.  A session consists of muscle strengthening, dynamic stretching, and cardio drills.  Burn off the stress from a long day or prepare for the daily grind in one of the morning or evening boot camps offered by QFit Training.